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 We are the Number 1 African Influenced Online Boutique

Styles Afrik   is an innovative, exciting and unique online fashion store that caters to those who have an interest in indigenous and African influenced designs and culture.  As our name suggests our focus is to provide popular, current trends and style, taking different elements and combining, modernizing and improvising upon them.  



We aim to profile both young and established designers. The designs on our site travail the history of African Style and Beauty.  You will get the opportunity to now own items from the hottest Afropolitans   within the Fashion and Arts industry.



We will promote and endorse traditional methods of creating African material and designs as well as the new modern method.  The designs on our site will fuse old and new, traditional and modern, tribal and western using handmade and synthetic materials.



Our aim is to position ourselves as the top online retail store servicing this particular market.  We are the first and only African influenced online clothing and Arts store in the UK.  Our intention is to become a central hub of shopping activity.


Styles Afrik   will host a collection of designs and arts from well established and up and coming African influenced designers from all over the world, particularly Africa. We currently have a range of items available on our site ranging from:

  • African Print Dresses
  • Mens Afrrican Print and Pattern Shirts 
  • Childrens African Print Clothing
  • Ankara Print Shoes and Bags
  • Tribal Print Tops
  • African print homeware
  • African Print Blazers

  Styles Afrik   is a hub for advertising African based projects within Fashion, Arts and Culture, an online shopping portal and an online magazine, and retail outlet for designers.  We believe that our unique position within the fashion, arts and culture industry and with the increasing interest and demand of African influenced designs across the country is critical to our initial success and long-term growth.

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